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Istanbul Aydin University is regarded as one of the best private universities in Turkey making it an essential destination for international students who are willing to study in Turkey, the university was founded in 2008 under the supervision of the Anatolian Foundation for Education and Culture AKEV, headed by Dr. Mustafa Aydin and a group of academics and researchers who were instrumental in Turkey's scientific renaissance.

Istanbul Aydin University is one of Istanbul's most prestigious universities, offering degrees recognized in the European Union and many Arab countries including Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan.

Istanbul Aydin University is one of Istanbul's most prestigious universities, offering degrees recognized in the European Union and many Arab countries including Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan. It is also distinguished by its collaborative programs with many European universities, such as the ERASMUS Student Exchange Program and many other scientific partnerships.

Istanbul Aydin University is located in Florya, near the Sea of Marmara, in Istanbul, this district is distinguished by its accessibility to several commercial centers, tourist attractions, entertainment, and all modes of transportation, this creates a comfortable environment for the students to study with less time and effort.

Istanbul Aydin University has around 40,000 students, including 5,000 international students, who receive education from more than 1,500 faculty members. The academic staff of the university is considered one of the best in Turkey.

Historical overview of Istanbul Aydin University

On September 26, 2003, the Anadolu Foundation for Education and Culture established a number of educational institutes and centers under the name Anadolu Institute of Knowledge, and this name remained in use until May 18, 2007, and after several meetings held by Dr. Mustafa Aydin with elite faculty and academic staff, the Anadolu Foundation established Istanbul Aydin University on November 5, 2008, and took its name from the founder Mustafa Aydin, and Aydin University is now one of the most distinguished universities at the local and European levels.

Istanbul Aydin University’s vision

To be a distinctive university in education and training, to provide the greatest scientific research, to graduate students with practical and scientific experiences in various fields, and to keep pace with scientific and technological advancement, to be a contemporary university that teaches science in an innovative and efficient way to improve information reception among students.

Istanbul Aydin University objectives

The university has five primary principles that it strives to achieve and maintain. It employs all of its resources and capabilities for this purpose and aspires to be a distinguished university at the European and international levels via the implementation and maintenance of these objectives. the objectives are:

  • To be a prime destination for international students and elite academic members.

  • Developing strong relationships with the world's most prestigious and best universities.

  • Developing research facilities and equipping them with the best and the latest technological tools to provide an appropriate study environment.

  • Keeping abreast with technological advancements and combining science with technology.

  • It aims to graduate students with the highest skills and best capabilities, eager to apply what they have learned on the ground and utilize their knowledge to solve the problems of society and flourish it.

Important information about Istanbul Aydin University

  • The university strives to be the best university in Turkey and one of the best universities in the world.

  • It includes 11 faculties and 3 vocational schools.

  • It offers around 60 bachelor's programs, 70 master's programs, and 17 Ph.D. programs.

  • It has agreements with 450 international universities.

  • It ensures that its students will be able to obtain a job after graduation, as the percentage of students who have found a job after graduation has reached 84 percent.

  • It has students from over 105 different countries, the most important of which are the Arab countries.

  • Around 45,000 students have graduated from the university since its establishment until 2021.

Features of studying at Istanbul Aydin University

  • It has educational centers and laboratories equipped with the best technology, and it is distinguished by its campus in the heart of Istanbul.

  • It has a large library rich with various electronic and paper materials, as well as the latest entertainment and comfort equipment to serve its students.

  • Istanbul Aydin University has a distinctive academic staff with extensive experience, which ensures its high quality and places it among the most prestigious universities.

  • The university is distinguished by its strategic geographical location in the heart of Istanbul, which incorporates cultural progress, ancient historical civilization, and ethnic diversity dating back hundreds of years.

  • Students can take training courses in the university's centers in Istanbul, as well as at local and foreign companies with which it has collaboration agreements.

  • Many universities in Turkey and around the world have student exchange agreements with Istanbul Aydin University. These programs give students the option of transferring to another university for a semester or more to obtain a distinctive study experience.

  • Istanbul Aydin University emphasizes the practical application of theoretical lessons in most topics in order to consolidate the student's knowledge and provide him with practical experience prior to graduation.

  • Through its Career Center, Istanbul Aydin University assists students after graduation in planning their careers for the practical stage of their lives.

  • Through its Career Center, Istanbul Aydin University assists students after graduation in planning their careers for the practical stage of their lives.

The important centers and laboratories of Istanbul Aydin University

In Turkey, Istanbul Aydin University features a number of prominent institutes and laboratories, which have many purposes, such as performing scientific experiments, conducting research, and enhancing students’ scientific and practical skills, the centers and laboratories of Istanbul Aydin University are considered one of the most prominent centers in turkey, and the most important are:

  1. Career Development Center: This center aims to improve students' abilities, develop their personalities, and prepare them for real-life situations.

  2. Astronomy Center: it is one of the university's most significant centers, conducting astronomical research and studies and promoting astronomy development.

  3. Istanbul Dental Research Center: This center provides treatment services to everyone, as well as opportunities for students to train and conduct studies, and it is one of Istanbul's most prominent dental care centers.

  4. Nutritional Analysis Laboratory: It offers students of food engineering and postgraduate students the opportunity to put their knowledge into practical application, and it also provides research related to food and health.

  5. Aziz Sinkar Technology Laboratory: It is one of Turkey's most important technological facilities, and it contains many laboratories such as a food chemistry laboratory, a chemistry laboratory, a mechanical laboratory, a mechatronics laboratory, and molecular biology laboratory.

  6. Civil Engineering Laboratories: Istanbul Aydin University has many engineering laboratories in a variety of fields. These laboratories allow researchers to undertake civil and earth engineering research as well as materials engineering analysis.

  7. Anatomy lab: Istanbul Aydin University is characterized by the existence of a prominent anatomy lab equipped with cutting-edge medical technology. In this lab, students may become intimately familiar with the human body and its organs, as well as how these organs form the systems. The lab is equipped with a main anatomy table, four auxiliary tables, a refrigerator, and a contemporary ventilation system.

  8. Biochemistry Laboratory: The university has one of the most important chemical laboratories in Istanbul. It provides biochemical and clinical experiments and examines biological samples. It also contains the most up-to-date technological devices.

  9. Neurophysiology Laboratory: Neurophysiology Laboratory: A laboratory where physiological techniques are used to diagnose diseases caused by deterioration of cognitive-behavioral functions.

  10. Patient simulation laboratory: Istanbul Aydin University is distinguished by having this laboratory, which is almost exclusively available at this university. This lab mimics a patient's life and how to deal with it, as well as training in the use of medicines, equipment, and therapeutic tools.

  11. Istanbul Aydin University also has many other laboratories, making it one of the most laboratories-rich universities in Turkey, and thus provides the student with an integrated training environment in which he may implement what he learned at the university on the ground.

Istanbul Aydin University Ranking

According to the webometrics ranking website, Istanbul Aydin University is ranked 1500 globally, third among private Turkish universities, and first in the category of development, indicating that Istanbul Aydin University holds a prestigious global position as one of the best universities.

Istanbul Aydin University recognitions

Many international recognitions have been bestowed upon Istanbul Aydin University, the most important of them are the European Union and the League of Arab States recognitions, it is also recognized in many other countries such as Germany, France, and the Netherlands, and Italy. On the Arab level, it is recognized in Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, and Yemen.

From here, dear student, you can get acquainted with the most important recognitions of Istanbul Eden University:

  • Istanbul Aydin University has been granted the recognition of The ILEDAK Research and Communication Association.

  • Istanbul Aydin University has been granted the recognition of EUR - ACE, which is the recognition of European universities for engineering programs.

  • Istanbul Aydin University has been granted the recognition of FIP pharmacy program recognition.

  • Istanbul Aydin University has been granted the recognition of MUDEK, which is the most important recognition for engineering programs.

  • Istanbul Aydin University is a member of the European Center for Public Relations and Research EUPRERA.

  • Istanbul Aydin University has become an active member of the Association of European Universities, the most important Association in the world (EUA).




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