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Altınbaş University is a distinguished private university that was listed among the best universities in Turkey in 2021, the university, the university focuses on becoming an international center to attract students who are willing to obtain a high level of academic attainment, as it graduates every year students who can make a beneficial difference in society. Altınbaş is seeking to develop its relationships with other universities in order to enhance the opportunities for student exchange and information sharing.

Altınbaş University is located in the European section of Istanbul, in the Bagcilar area, in the Mahmud Bey neighborhood, and the university has two campuses, one in the Bakirkoy neighborhood, which is a large and modern campus equipped with the latest technology, and the other one is in Gayrettepe, both campuses are on Istanbul's European side.

A historical overview at Altınbaş University

The university previously since its foundation was known as (Istanbul Kemerburgaz) until the Altınbaş Foundation for Education and Culture changed the name to (Altınbaş University) meaning the golden head in Turkish, this change came in honor of the Turkish businessman, Mehmet Altınbaş, as his will was to investing a large portion of his fortune in science as his will.

After changing its name, the university began to move faster and more confidently toward its competitive aspirations, it started the academic year in early 2012, It proceeded to grow rapidly with its students to become an international research university, and it has its position in all local and international conferences and scientific symposiums and presented many projects that contributed to Turkey's scientific renaissance.

Altinbas University currently has nine faculties, a graduate school, and two vocational schools that provide 26 bachelor's programs, 24 master's programs, and eight doctorate programs, the University currently has about 10,000 students from 80 different countries studying there, and it was ranked 10th among the best Turkish universities in 2021.

Altınbaş University Objectives

  1. Encourage the acquisition of sciences and its integration with new technologies in order to achieve advanced scientific levels.

  2. its centers are spread throughout Istanbul city in order to facilitate all aspects for its students to help them in their learning journey.

  3. to study the problems that the community is facing or may face, and propose solutions.

  4. Contribute to the integration and consolidation of relationships of all Turkish society's groups, as well as increased awareness of global communities.

  5. Contribute to the diffusion of culture in all of its forms, with a concentration on graduating students who have enough culture to develop the community's life.

Features of studying at Altınbaş University

  • As a recognized university in Arab and European countries, the student will have a better chance of finding job opportunities after graduation.

  • The university is in a superb geographical location in Istanbul's Mahmud Bey area, which allows students to expand their knowledge and helps them in improving their historical culture and awareness of Ottoman civilization.

  • The university uses modern technology to educate and train its students rather than traditional techniques, which makes it easier for students to absorb and understand information.

  • It is one of the universities that encourages creativity and innovation among its students via a variety of activities.

  • Through the Erasmus program, students at Altınbaş University have the chance to study in many different countries.

  • It is continuously attempting to be a university that is connected to the community in order to understand its needs and problems and help students in finding solutions to the community's problems, which develop the students' personalities and ways of interaction with their community.

  • Altınbaş University is classified as one of the most important universities in Istanbul, and it contributes significantly to the city's development.

  • The university acquires its expertise and competence in the architectural and construction fields from the distinctive civilization of Istanbul, which extends back hundreds of years.

  • The university organizes tourism trips in Istanbul to integrate science, civilization, and entertainment.

  • Altınbaş University is constantly developing its educational materials in order to keep pace with scientific advancements.

Altınbaş University vision

The following are some of the high principles that Altınbaş University embraces in order to produce generations that serve the community, which represents the university's vision:

  1. Continuous development: Altinbas University aspires to keep pace with development and to be a center for embracing the best and latest educational technologies in Istanbul.

  2. Positive influence: Every year, Altınbaş University looks forward to supplying its staff with the best academics who have a positive impact on the Turkish community, and it concentrates on training all of its employees to be influential individuals all the time.

  3. Community contribution: It is not just a university but is also a meeting point of science and society since it strives constantly to maintain close relationships with all societies around the world.

  4. Participation: As an educational institution, it promotes activities that enable students to collaborate and participate in different activities that help in their development, as expressed in the Altınbaş University slogan, "Altınbaş University makes you the best."

  5. Financial support: Even though it is a private institution, it does not place a priority on financial aspects, because it is one of the universities that strive to provide the best education at the most affordable prices so that everyone can benefit.

  6. Freedom of Thought: It is a university that does not intervene with the personal thoughts of any of its members, since it believes that everyone has the right to freely express their opinions.

  7. Education Freedom: The university allows students to discuss their lessons with professors, but they must be careful not to get into controversial topics and pointless debates.

  8. Freedom in Research: As one of the most advanced universities, it is responsible for continuously upgrading its educational curricula and its explanation techniques. It also stands out by providing opportunities for research, studies, and experiments.

Altınbaş University campuses

Altınbaş University has three campuses spread around Istanbul, which are as follows:

  1. Gayrettepe Campus: Located in the heart of the city of Istanbul, this campus offers a variety of administrative and economics disciplines, as well as the faculty of law, the Faculty of Fine Arts and Design, and the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

  2. Bakirkoy Health Sciences Campus: With a total area of 40,000 square meters, it is Turkey's largest university campus, housing all disciplines related to medical sciences, including medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, and the Hospital of the Faculty of Dentistry.

  3. Mahmud Bey Technology Campus: it is the university’s main campus, which is located in the Bagcilar district, it contains the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, many laboratories, research centers, and a psychiatric center, it is also equipped with a lot of entertainment facilities.

Altınbaş University’s world ranking

Despite being one of Turkey's newest universities, it is on right track to achieving a high global ranking in the future as a result of its great efforts to achieve its objectives and to provide the best educational experiences possible in all fields.

Altınbaş University is ranked 10th in Turkey's universities rankings and ranked 5127 globally, and the university aims to reach the top 500 universities within a short period of time.

Student Activities at Altınbaş University

Altınbaş University is distinguished by having many student activities on its campus, since it is a university that values the psychological aspects of its students and focuses on the development of these aspects through the many activities that it offers on the campus, which include:

  • Cultural and social seminars at the university with the aim of strengthening amicable relations.

  • In Istanbul, Altinbas University has a huge library that provides integrated services to students in order to establish a comfortable study environment.

  • The university awards valuable prizes to engineering students by organizing competitions in which students submit their engineering projects and experts choose the winning project to receive the award.

  • Altınbaş University hosts conferences in Istanbul to discuss political and economic developments in the world with the participation of the best experts and influencers.

  • Every year, Altınbaş University hosts a short video festival, in which participants exhibit short videos of their designs to promote a message or a cause.

Altınbaş University registration and tuition fees

The university registration is free, but the student must pay the installments for the specialty he wants to pursue, the university gives a discount of up to 60% on its expenses, and in general, university fees range between 3000 and 20000 dollars, payable in one payment or in installments, and to facilitate the access to the information you need, dear student, you can read Altınbaş University's specialties and tuition fees in the table below, and we wish you continuous success.


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